Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons- Midway REVIEW

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Why this book?

READING!!!!  The subject I was most worried about teaching my son out of them all. I think I had the normal fears and concerns any mother I think has or has had. Would he grasp it, what if I do it wrong, would I have to start over with him mid-year or worse next year? Would he be behind his peers and not be where he should be? Would I fail him in this subject? After all, reading is something that I love to do and wish to pass on that love to my children. I probably added a ton of stress to myself that wasn’t needed about reading but maybe that will help you understand where I was coming from when in search of a curriculum for him.

After countless YouTube videos, reviews, blog posts, and one friends Facebook post. I decided this book was worth a shot and purchased it as a supplement to our kindergarten curriculum. If you would like to know what we are using for our kindergarten curriculum you can head over here and find out.

Midway Review

We have officially reached Lesson 50 out of the 100!!! HOORAY with a happy dance! My son is reading! He is so happy he’s reading and I love seeing him beaming when he is able to read books to me. He now wants to go to the library to check out books that he can read. I am ecstatic that he’s reading and eager to read.  I must say that I am happy with the book but there are somethings that are not perfect but hey, nothing is. Here are my thoughts as a mom homeschooling her son.

Before I started using this book I was concerned if my son would be interested since there weren’t any colorful pictures; a couple reviews I seen/read that was an issue for them. I read the directions and knew not to skip a step, yada, yada, yada. I got it.

I started the book as directed and felt like I was a mess with trying to read the steps or what they wanted me to do with that sound or what to say or have him say. It was driving me crazy! I trusted the process of how they had it set up because I seen results. So, what I did was I took their sound and pointed to it like they say, I said it slow then fast and had my son repeat. I use the sound in a few words so he can hear that sound. Now I use words in sentences because we are actually sounding out words and reading them. After reading the stories I do ask questions about it to make sure he is retaining what he has read and to ask his thought just as with any story or book.

Another thing that I grew concerned with was how they show the words. For example, cake is wrote out CAKe (a will have line over it to show it’s the letter name not the sound but I’m not tech savvy enough to put a line over it here, ha ha)the e is smaller that the other letters to show it isn’t pronounced when sounding it out. Well, it’s confusing my son because when we go to read level 1 or beginner books he is looking for the lines and all the text is the same size. He can read the sentences and little stories in Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons but second guesses himself with other books we read at home or have checked out from the library. I did look ahead in the book an noticed they do away with this style of writing later on. I am curious how they switch it over in the lessons to come. I will do another review when we finish Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons. Be sure to check back for that.

Additional Thoughts

I found that B.O.B. books are great to use along with Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons. I do encourage reading to your child(ren) so they get used to see the words and also for additional cuddles and bonding. Also, check out easy readers at your local library. I noticed my son being able to read what he is interested in or whatever books he chooses is a HUGE confidence boost. I recommended this book, it is worth giving it a good shot for your child. They will be reading before you know it.

Have you used this book? Have questions? Let me know in the comments below, by email, or over on Facebook. Happy homeschooling!



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