Antique Glider Redo

Antique Glider Redo

Hello there! I wanted to share with you a fun and special project for me, redoing my great grandma’s glider. Before I get in to the redo, I wanted to take a trip down memory lane with you.

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My great grandma had this glider ever since I can remember. When I was younger it was my favorite place to sit when it was nestled under a large tree in her front yard. I would relax on the glider to cool off from playing in the hot summer sun.  I have a lot of memories from her house that I hold dear and the glider brings them back for me. I’m sure everyone in my family including aunts, uncles, cousins, can look at the glider and tell you whose it was and a memory about it. I feel blessed to have such a priceless treasure. I have more projects that I received from my great grandma that I redo and will post them soon. Now onto the fun stuff of restoring this glider to its former beauty.

I always remembered the glider being a deep red/maroon color so that is what I wanted to return the color too.  Below is the picture of the before after we washed it and tried to get any loose paint of before we started to sand it down.

My husband had the wonderful task of using the wire wheel on an angle grinder to remove 11, yes you read that right, 11 layers of paint. Considering how old it is, I didn’t think that was to bad. I actually thought there would be more. If you decide to use a wire wheel like he did, please be aware that tiny pieces of metal can come off of the wheel. Safety gear and good choice of clothing is a must. 

Above is the glider after all the layers have been removed. I think it actually looks pretty unique that way and even considered leaving it that way with a nice clear coat BUT it’s not the color I remember so here comes the best part. THE PAINT!!! As I was adding the paint it was like I was being greeted by an old friend.

Drum roll please………and here is the glider all finished after two coats of paint. I left the dents on purpose, I feel like they add character to it. I used Rustoleum Cranberry spray paint in gloss. It gave me the perfect deep reddish maroon color I was looking for.


It has found it’s home on my front porch waiting for the perfect accent pillows. Picture to come.  Do you love redoing antiques or furniture? Let me see your projects in the comments below.


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