Welcome to Humbled Living!

I’m Ashley and I created Humbled Living to share my knowledge and love for living a happy humbled life. I’m a God fearing woman, wife, mother of 2 boys, DIYer, a go getter, lover of outdoors and all things adventure in life. I truly believe you should make a life not a living. I am not only talking my talk but I’m walking it too. Will you walk along with me?

What Humbled Living is about: it is  for women, men, and families aiming to living a healthier, simpler, Christ centered life. Focusing on home, family, fun, finances, healthy living, and giving.

With homesteading you will find topics of gardening, DIY projects for outside and inside the home. Family covers marriage, parenting, and children. Fun is what it’s all about! Covering traveling/camping, diys, crafts, and making memories.

Need help budgeting? Saving? Want to live debt free? Want to know how to make it on one income for your family? I will share how my family does it. Finances is where you need to go for tips. Healthy Living is all heath, fitness, and yummy recipes! Giving is better than receiving, can I get an AMEN! Here you will find ideas for donations or ways to volunteer to places who need it.

“Live simply, live healthy, live humbly”- Ashley, Humbled Living

James 4:10: Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will lift you up.